Name: 90 Days Premium
Price: 12.99 EUR

You are receiving the PREMIUM rank on for 90 DAYS with a lot of advantages:

+ Join FULL servers and play as a PREFERRED player

+ Your NAME has now a GOLDEN prefix

+ You can JOIN the network even tough our SLOTS are FULL

+ You have ACCESS on betas ONLY for premiums

+ You can have to the maximum of 128 FRIENDS (64 more than as a player)

+ You get a SPECIAL dailyreward with 1500 COINS

+ You receive the PREMIUM rank on our DISCORD

+ You receive the PREMIUM rank on our TEAMSPEAK

+ You receive the PREMIUM rank on our FORUM


+ You receive 3 PARTICLES (Nautilus, Totem of Undying, Soul)

+ You receive 3 EXCLUSIVE NPC SKINS (your own skin, Toad, Dog

More coming very soon!

And the biggest advantage: you are supporting the development of TheShrooms. Thank you! <3